‘Improving Your Business’ survey results from Port Vila, Vanuatu

In 2013, the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) launched a survey to investigate the nature and extent of constraints to business and employment growth in the country’s retail and hospitality sectors. Covering 186 member enterprises, the survey focused on collecting the opinions of the private sector on public policy, laws and regulations and how they affect business growth and efficiency in these two key sectors. 


 Figure 1. Vanuatu Daily Post 04.12.12

The survey results which came out in April 2013 VCCI were then supported by the ILO’s Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) in analysing the responses and engaging in further consultation with members to present a policy position paper to government highlighting the private sector’s priority reform proposals.

The launch of this survey forms part of the wider support being given to the VCCI as part of the ILO project to build the policy research and advocacy capacity of the Chamber to promote an enabling business environment for sustainable growth. The newly established Employers Services Unit (ESU) of the secretariat has since been given the new task to focus on policy development, advocacy, lobbying and public relations, which VCCI was previously lacking. To date, staff in the ESU have received training in surveying the Chamber’s membership and prioritizing areas for advocacy, in addition to on-going support for the development of a VCCI information collection and communication network to facilitate the flow of information to and from its members. For more information on project improving the Business Environment in Vanuatu click here.