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Part 4: Developing Strategic Policy Framework

*All documents have TURQUOISE headings

icon_part4_introThis section deals with the overall policy framework that the EO is trying to achieve. It is a roadmap of what the EO wants from the policy and regulatory framework in the medium to long-term.

Included in this section are a series of policy briefs on the key aspects of the 17 policy pillars that comprise the conditions for sustainable enterprises that in turn can assist in broad policy setting. The 17 pillars are grouped into political, economic, social, and environmental elements.

See Box 4 for a list of these.

Box 4: Policy Briefs


Policy Brief 1: Sustainable enterprises and peace and political stability
Policy Brief 2: Sustainable enterprises and good governance
Policy Brief 3: Sustainable enterprises and social dialogue
Policy Brief 4: Sustainable enterprises and respect for universal human rights and international labour standards


Policy Brief 5: Sustainable enterprises and entrepreneurial culture
Policy Brief 6: Sustainable enterprises, sound and stable macroeconomic policy, and good management of the economy
Policy Brief 7: Sustainable enterprises and trade, and sustainable economic integration
Policy Brief 8: Sustainable enterprises and the enabling legal and regulatory environment
Policy Brief 9: Sustainable enterprises, the rule of law, and secure property rights
Policy Brief 10: Sustainable enterprises and fair competition
Policy Brief 11: Sustainable enterprises and access to financial services
Policy Brief 12: Sustainable enterprises and physical infrastructure
Policy Brief 13: Sustainable enterprises,information, and communication technologies


Policy Brief 14: Sustainable enterprises, education, training, and lifelong learning
Policy Brief 15: Sustainable enterprises, social justice, and social inclusion
Policy Brief 16: Sustainable enterprises and adequate social protection


Policy Brief 17: Sustainable enterprises and responsible stewardship of the environment