Advocacy Tool 8


Implementing & tracking progress


This section tries to assist EOs with some broad and general measurement techniques of its policy work.

How to use this tool

This Assessment Tool is designed for use by EOs. It is best used as a guide for employers and enterprise development specialists who will facilitate the assessment process with the EO and among other actors.


EOs need to measure the impact of their policy work and how effective they have been in meeting their goals.

In some cases this can be straightforward and easily measurable. Legislation "X" is costing enterprises "Z" dollars per year in costs and resulting in "Y" lost jobs. Changing "X" will impact directly on "Z" and "Y". Advocacy Tool 2 "Costing Proposals" provides direct examples.

However, this is not always the case as the relationship between cause and effect can be technically difficult to measure. A policy objective may have multiple goals and be layered over a period of time. The relationship between actions and measurable impact can be impossible to gauge – particularly where other policies influence.

A whole set of interrelated activities that are broad in scope may impact on a given policy or regulation. As the EO widens its scope to deal with the issue, the harder it becomes to measure its impact because it is tougher to isolate cause and effect. It's no longer a simple linear relationship but a complex set of them.

In this respect it is more important for EOs to have learning systems in place, for adapting to complex contexts, than it is for them to seek conclusive proof of impact which may well be impossible to definitively prove.