Part iv: Prepare budget

Preparing a budget is the next step. Estimating the cost of an advocacy project can be difficult. For example, your initial strategy may not include a media campaign, but later, once you have started implementing your plan, such a campaign may seem vital.

You should base your budget on your advocacy strategy and activities (such as research and survey work, media work, working with coalitions, and/or mobilizing constituencies). There are of course inexpensive and expensive ways to pursue each strategy. Hiring a public relations or consulting firm, for example, can be an important way to communicate your key advocacy messages, but it is costly. Holding meetings, writing media commentary, or arranging site visits are relatively lower-cost activities. Always plan for contingencies, as this helps you keep a flexible activity schedule and allow for changes.

  • What is possible in terms of your resource base – both financial and human?
  • Is the issue important enough that it could garner additional resources from members – from other sources?
  • How could partnerships reduce the EO's costs?
  • Can particular member firms take the lead on a given issue and help with costs?
Worksheet 1: Assessment Budget
Personnel expenses
Employers’ Organization staff
Data expenses
Purchase of data
Meetings and consultations
Venues, catering, etc.
Data analysis
Computing, programmes, data input, etc.
Report production and distribution
Other expenses