Annex: Intervention framework(1)

An intervention framework is a tool used for capturing and summarizing intervention strategies and specific activities for their implementation. This Tool will help the EO to have all the necessary information about planned interventions in one comprehensive table, and will allow it to keep track of the overall strategy. The intervention framework provides the following information.


Activities give further details on exactly how the implementation of a particular intervention is planned. The formulation of activities should be as specific and practical as possible, reflecting the steps of implementation.


Outputs are products which the EO is responsible for delivering.

Time frame

This gives information on deadlines for producing certain outcomes, or time frames within which certain activities are to be implemented.


Who is going to implement which specific activities.

Expected outcomes

How do specific activities and outputs contribute to the EO's short and medium-term policy objectives? The intervention framework includes a column which the EO can fill in with expected outcomes,

Resource allocation

What is needed in terms of human, material and financial resources to implement interventions (not necessarily specific activities)?

The abovementioned components form together the intervention framework, which can be put into an easy to use Excel spreadsheet: the intervention framework as a tool for daily management.

The intervention framework is not a purpose in itself, but can be used for various purposes: a) the assessment of the feasibility of an objective; b) as a management instrument for the EO to ensure that targets are achieved; and c) to "market" interventions to potential partners.


Name of Issue:
EO’s Objective Activities e.g., press briefings, etc. Timeframe for activities Outputs e.g., policy papers produced Timeframe for outputs Responsibilities Expected outcomes e.g., policy or regulatory change Resource allocation
Human Resources Materials Financing

(1) ILO: Value Chain Development for Decent Work A guide for development practitioners, government and private sector initiatives, 2009.