Section 3.1


Formulating an advocacy effort

Purpose & structure of this section

This section provides an overview of the advocacy landscape; the different stages to an advocacy effort and guidance on the approaches to take.


The type of advocacy that an EO can be involved in heavily depends on the political system of the country where it is conducted. There is no one size fits all approach.

In countries with open democracies, the role of the EO can be made easy by existing processes and institutions. The EO can take a proactive approach with government. It can conduct a quiet approach, using corridors and back channels to influence policy, or it may pursue a loud approach such as taking a public stand on an issue, perhaps being critically vocal in the media of a certain course of government action. The EO can decide which approach suits its situation.

In other countries with less open systems of government, such approaches may produce limited results or may even be counterproductive. In this context, this section outlines principles for the EO to consider in its approach in trying to influence the government. Each EO must adapt what its work to its own particular circumstances.