Assessment Tool 8


Stakeholder Analysis


This tool will help an EO to identify allies and opponents as its sets out on a course of action to affect policy or regulatory change. It also provides the EO with tools to explore how to win over new supporters to its position.

How to use this tool

This Assessment Tool is designed for use by EOs. It is best used as a guide for employers and enterprise development specialists who will facilitate the assessment process with the EO and among other actors.


Stakeholders are persons or groups who are directly or indirectly affected by the EOs proposal, as well as those who may have interests in the proposal and/or the ability to influence its outcome, either positively or negatively. They are those who can actively influence the outcome of a process. The “stake” that each of these different individuals or groups has in the status quo or the new EO proposal will vary.

  • Primary stakeholders: are those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively by the EO’s actions.
  • Secondary stakeholders: are the ‘intermediaries’, that is, persons or organizations who are indirectly affected by the EO’s actions.