Assessment Tool 7


Mapping the Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprise Landscape


This Assessment Tool has been designed to help the EO gain a sense of the current policy and political environment and the likely government appetite for its proposals. Mapping the process of reform in the economic, political and social environment is an essential first step in understanding how reform works and how the EO can affect policy or regulatory change. This tool should be used with conjunction with Assessment Tool 10 “Assessing Government”.

How to use this tool

This Assessment Tool is designed to assist EOs in making an ‘external’ assessment of the environment for their priority proposal(s).


The EESE Landscape refers to the policy legal and regulatory framework in which businesses operate; the regulatory and administrative framework in which policies and laws are implemented and enforced; and the institutional arrangements that influence the way key actors operate.

A mapping of the EESE landscape is important because it provides the EO with, first an assessment of the chances of success or failure and second, an overall picture of likely issues and actors who will influence the process.