1. Considering that one of the key issues for investment decisions is stability of governance, as well as continuity and predictability, are these variables present in your country?

2. If not, do you think the country is advancing towards an increased stability that would attract investment?

  • Provide examples of poorly thought through or reactionary policy-making or governance decisions that concerned the business community.


3. Do you think that overall the political system is underpinned by accountable and transparent structures that provide investors with sufficient confidence?

4. If not, do you think the political system is advancing towards increased accountability and transparency?

  • Any examples of unaccountable and poorly transparent structures?

5. Are there sufficient checks and balances within the political system to engender confidence from the business community?

  • Any examples of ineffective checks and balances?

6. A key component of the market economy model is economic freedom, as it enables individuals in society to make their own choices, is this true of your country?

  • Any examples of where economic freedom is manifestly suppressed?

7. Political instability damages the credibility of the country as a whole and limits possibilities for both internal growth and foreign investment. Have there been any recent examples where decisions not to invest have been made on the basis of political instability?


8. Is there an independent and robust electoral commission?

9. Is there effective electoral competition?

10. Is there legislation banning those convicted of offences from holding office or running for election?

11. Is there a free press?

12. Is there a public sector ethics programme covering such areas as solicitation, conflict of interest, and political contributions?

13. Do women actively participate in the political process as elected officials?


14. Is there a culture of short-term political appeal at the expense of seeking to provide the public good, and policies based on growth or poverty reduction impact?

15. Is a system of political patronage widely practiced?

  • Any recent examples to illustrate the extent of the problem?
  • Any examples of how it has negatively impacted on investment decisions?

16. Do any specific groups have undue sway over government, such as unions, particular economic sectors, or ethnic groupings?


17. Is the region unstable or stable; increasingly stable or increasingly unstable?

18. Are there current regional tensions?

  • Any recent examples of rising tensions in the region?
  • Any examples of how this may have impacted on investment decisions – foreign or domestic?

19. Do regional economic groupings exist?

20. Are such bodies effective in promoting intra-regional trade and security?

21. Are such bodies effective in defusing political disagreements and disputes in the region?