Assessment Tool 4


In-depth firm level survey database


The in-depth firm level survey database is designed to assist EOs with two central objectives:

  • Obtain information from enterprise members on the specific constraints to their business operations and utilise the information gathered to assist the EO in policy priority setting;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an EOs role in the eyes of individual enterprise members;

How to use this tool

  • This “Survey Database” is a selection of questions across the 17 policy areas of the EESE landscape.
  • An EO will ‘pick and choose’ which areas and which questions it wants from this database to survey its members, depending on its priorities. It can then customise these questions further to its own circumstance. No EO is expected to use all questions.
  • The questions contained in this database can be adapted into a variety of survey types.
  • All questions in this database are ‘closed’ type questions so as to make evaluation easier. EOs if they have the capacity and resources for a wider ranging questionnaire can develop some of the questions into more open ended formulations.