Section 2.1


Prioritizing the EO agenda

Purpose & structure of this section

This section will assist an EO prioritize and focus its policy agenda. The first part provides a rationale for a focused approach to policy making – priority setting. The second part provides tools the EO can use to arrive at priorities.


Constraints on business can be pervasive, each with consequent knock on effects. Access to finance can be limited, restricting expansion plans of growing enterprises; retarding budding entrepreneurs from starting in the first place. These constraints may affect women even more so. Road congestion affects delivery times but also the cost of cargo. Transport monopolies drive up prices but also freeze out local potential exporters. Or constraints can overlap onto each other. Infrastructure is insufficient for the export sector; but accessing construction permits is expensive and onerous in terms of time.

Therefore the EO to conduct effective advocacy work therefore needs realistic and targeted objectives that are achievable within a specific period of time.