Uses of the Toolkit

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While the toolkit has been prepared and organized in a manner that moves from assessment to advocacy, the tools it contains can be used in a flexible manner to suit the needs, capacities and opportunities of various Employers’ Organizations. 

Overall, the EESE Toolkit will assist EOs in the following ways:

  • Policy development: This is the EESEs main function, helping EOs identify the 'specific' detailed key constraints to business and presenting government with empirically sound propositions for policy or regulatory change.
  • Helping Focus the EO Agenda: The EESE will help EOs focus on 'tangible policies' that can reasonably expect government action.
  • Proactive Agenda: The EESE and its approaches, by bolstering the EOs ability to present strong evidence based arguments for policy change that will have positive impacts on the environment enterprise operate in; will help EO's develop a proactive policy agenda.
  • Development Tool for EOs: The Tool additionally provides an analysis of capacity needs within the EO and tries to identify areas that capacity can be increased or changed depending on priorities.
  • Help strengthen partnerships: The 17 Pillars of the Sustainable Enterprise framework encompass the broad spectrum of issues impacting on business. Some EOs may not have a mandate or expertise to cover all policy areas. This may present itself as an opportunity to work with other representative organisations.