Five challenges of doing business in Montenegro

Regulatory framework, access to credit, informal economy, good governance and skilled labour force were identified as most important challenges for business in Montenegro.

President of Montenegrin Employers Federation (MEF), Predrag Mitrovic presented results of a comprehensive research on 3 October 2013 in Becici, Montenegro about the existing business barriers in his country.

Montenegro 5 killers

The research (both secondary and company surveys) identified the following challenges:

  • Improving the regulatory framework
  • Easing access to financial resources
  • Reducing the share of informal economy
  • Enhancing good governance
  • Matching the education system with labour market needs.

The publication, entitled “Strategic Framework for Enabling Business Environment in Montenegro – “5 Business Killers” was published with the financial support of International Labour Organization (ILO). The study aims to help policy and decision makers, social partners, private and civil sector actors to join their efforts in developing a favourable business environment, which would enable competitiveness of companies, sustainability and growth of their businesses, job creation and economic growth.

Another report “Enabling Business Environment for Sustainable Enterprises in Montenegro” was also presented by President Predrag Mitrovic. It gives an overview of Montenegrin economy, records problems companies’ are facing at both national and local levels and identifies five key problems and makes recommendations for their solution. This report will be soon introduced to the Montenegrin public.

The publications were presented at a regional symposium of employers organizations named “Enabling Business Environment for Sustainable Enterprises – Key Constraints and a Way Forward” which took place on 3-4 October in Becicic, Montenegro.

For more information on the Business Environment in Montenegro please see Montenegro Current Projects.